Art´s Pools and Spas


  To Art's Pools & Spas: My name is Arturo Perez founder of this company, we will be happy to build a small part of your dreams. I invite you to see our website freely and learn the art we do with hard work and dedication. For questions or comments please contact us and we'll help you find the balance between pleasure and relaxation in the comfort of your home.  




Art´s Pools and Spas

Season Special 

Custom swimming pool design

  • Schedule 40 plumbing and schedule 40 fittings
  • 15’ plumbing run (filter to skimmer)
  • 2”dedicated suction line
  • Three 1-1/2“ return lines to pool (optional on in-floor system pools)
  • VGB 2008 Compliant Safety Drains
  • Automatic water leveler
  • Surface skimmer with removable basket
  • 240 sq. ft. sand  filter
  • 3/4 HP self-priming high performance pump    
  • Concrete equipment slab
  • Standard time clock
  • 3/8”steel reinforcement with bond beam bars 12“on center
  • 50 ft of  electrical conduit schedule 40 (from pool equipment to house electric panel)
  •  3 steps – up to 25“in total length
  • 3 ft. of concrete or 240 square feet
  • Gunite structure
  • White plaster interior
  • 6”ceramic waterline tile
  • Complete clean-up of pool interior and exterior (construction debris only)
  • Professional start-up and complete water balancing
  • Brush, pole, net, test kit, thermometer and all start up chemicals
  • Pool permits addition cost.
  • $$$ LOW  20'SSSS